Friday, September 18, 2015

Technology comes to fashion

What an interesting article I've come across! 
Do you like gadgets? I do!
Just have a look: fashion and technology talk to each other and what a result of this conversation.

Tech products are becoming more and more luxurious these days and luxury products turn to be more tech oriented. And this marriage brings fantastic results:

Pictures come from the article, Courtesy of Apple and Hermès

The collection will be on sale starting October 5, more information in the article itself.
Only ... don't ask about the price... ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More postcards from Milan

Let me share with you my joy: here I come to Milan again!!
Here you can find previous post from visiting Milan.
This time the visit is a little bit different because it's warmer.
The city is full of people walking, talking, sitting in cafes, drinking coffee and eating ice cream.

Podzielę się z Wami moją radością: znów jestem w Mediolanie!
Tutaj znajdziecie mój poprzedni post z wyjazdu do Mediolanu.
Tym razem wizyta trochę inna bo jest cieplej.
Miasto jest pełne ludzi spacerujących, rozmawiających ze sobą, siedzących w kawiarniach, popijających kawę i jedzących lody.

Charming place to visit and the icon of the city: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This is the place where boutiques of the most well known fashion brands in the world are located:
Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace  or Gucci - just to name a few.

Look at the atmosphere and try to imagine how nice it is! 
Although it's really crowded, people walk, talk and still have time to sit in one of the cafe's or restaurants here and enjoy coffee alone or in a good company.
And... watch people passing by :)

Other people, including me, believe that if they turn three times in one specific place of the Gallery, it will let them come here again:

Inni - nie wyłączając mnie - wierzą, że jeśli w jednym z miejsc obrócą się trzykrotnie, pozwoli im to wrócić tu ponownie:


And look at the floor: isn't it beautiful?

But it's not only shopping what makes people come to this city: it's also its sheer beauty.
If you look around you will see many taking photographs:

Nie tylko zakupy przyciągają ludzi do tego miasta:samo  jego piękno jest częstym powodem.
Jeśli popatrzycie dookoła, zobaczycie ilu robi zdjęcia:

Including myself...

And now - let's change perspective.
When I heard of this restaurant - located next to Duomo Cathedral - my first thought was: this must be a great place.
This thought was immediately followed by the second one: it must be crowded and without character because it is created for tourists only.
How delighted and positively surprised I was when I finally got there!
From this perspective Duomo looks like no other building in the whole world...
Just have a look:

And by the way, the food is also delicious!
If you like mozzarella or would like to try it - go there.

If you want to see my previous post from Milan - just click here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New arrivals

Recently I don't go to often for shopping, but when I finnaly go - I always come back with something that was worth my attention.
Just look, what a great patent leather heels I managed to find (and buy!).
Aren't they inspiring?

Ostatnio rzadko chodzę po sklepach, ale jak już się wybiorę, to wracam z czymś naprawdę godnym uwagi.
Zobaczcie, jakie odjazdowe lakierki udało mi się ostatnio wypatrzyć (i kupić!).
Czyż nie są inspirujące?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Black is back

 I told you - black was back to my life.

Kolor czarny powrócił.


 Photos: FocusArtStyle

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Perfume (part 4)

Today another part of my perfume story: more memories and comments on my favorite scents.
(Part one, part two, part three)

"L'instant" de Guerlain goes well with winter cashmere sweaters and turtlenecks.
Grey or black ones.
Love it but need to be 'in the mood' to use it.
Still have it on my shelf.
I remember I bought it in February, close to Valentine's Day :)

"Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker is... lovely :)
Found it on the Heathrow airport in 2012 and it was my choice for summer.
I like it still. It's very light and delicate.

"Flora - Gracious Tuberose" came to me in the summer of 2013.
Fantastic fragrance for all year seasons.
Very elegant and classy.
I like it very much and still use it.

I bought "Beauty" last year to introduce something different from what I usually choose.
And it's different!
I like it and I still use it but this is one of those scents I will probably not come back to.

Today's a Valentine's Day!
Perfume can be a nice gift if you know the preference of your beloved one.
In some future post I'll write also about niche perfume - are you interested? 
Do you know or use them?

to be continued...

Monday, February 9, 2015

After skiing

And after skiing...
After skiing we usually go to one of the neigboring towns to have a walk, or some good pizza (in a pizzeria owned and run by an Italian) or to have some dessert ;)
Usual outfit for such occasions has to be comfortable first of all.
So I chose jeans, flat boots, yellow down jacket and a cap in similar colors.
Great advantage of the jacket is that is's light and warm and... it shines with it's own light.
Visit Reit im Winkl.

A po nartach...
Po nartach lubimy przejechać się do jednego z pobliskich miasteczek i zrobić sobie spacer, albo zjeść dobrą pizzę (w pizzerii prowadzonej przez Włocha) albo zafundować sobie deser ;)
Na takie okazje ubieram się tak, żeby mi było wygodnie - to pierwsze kryterium doboru stroju.
Wybrałam więc dżinsy, krótkie kozaczki na płaskim obcasie i żółtą puchową kurtkę i czapkę w podobnych kolorach.
Wielką zaletą tej kurtki jest to, że jest lekka i ciepła i dodatkowo... świeci swoim własnym światłem.

Photos: FocusArtStyle