Friday, January 9, 2015

Perfume - important part of my outfit

Perfume is a subject I wanted to write about a long time ago but I wanted to prepare it well (since the matter is valid).
Scents were always important for me since I can remember.
They're also a significant part of my outfits.
They can make me feel more feminine, or more self confident or - if used on a wrong day - they can spoil all the look and mood too.
I use different perfume in the spring time and in the fall. Summer fragrances are always very special and I have also those that I can wear only with cashmere sweaters in the winter. 
Yes, they are one of not so many my real fads.
They have always been.

Juz od dawna chciałam napisać o perfumach, ale chciałam, żeby ten post był dobrze przygotowany bo i temat zobowiązuje.
Odkąd pamiętam, zapachy były zawsze dla mnie ważne.
Są też ważną częścią moich ubiorów.
Mogą sprawić, że czuje się bardziej kobieca, bardziej pewna siebie albo - jeśli użyte nie tak jak trzeba - mogą zepsuć mój wygląd albo i nastrój na cały dzień.
Innych perfum używam wiosną, innych jesienią. Letnie zapachy zawsze są bardzo specjalne, a mam też takie, które pasują mi tylko do kaszmirowych swetrów zimą.
Zawsze były jedną z moich niewielu fanaberii.


The first ever perfume I fell in love with was
 That was love at the first sniff. And it lasts till now: from time to time I have to smell it and spray it over my skin.
The scent is incredibly  fresh and rich at the same time. (I will not write here all the ingredients, you can check them yourself.)
More important is its influence on me and feelings and memories it gives me.
I know this fragrance for about twenty years now and it looks it'll still remain one of my favorites. If not the most loved one.
I like it every season of the year, with every attire and everywhere.
I have to buy it again!!

At the time when I used it for the first time I met a nice guy. The perfume he was using was very interesting for me, absolutely exceptional and attracted me a lot. And just imagine how surprised I was when I discovered the scent he used was "L'eau d'Issey" for men...
The guy is my husband now.
Since that time we have never used again any perfume in both versions (for her and for him). 
L'eau d'Issey was the only one.

After some time I came across "Envy" by Gucci.
It was end of winter and this fragrance seemed to be perfect for the coming spring.
My boy friend (at that time) gave it to me as present.
I remember I used it with great pleasure.

There's one rule I always follow when choosing new fragrance:
I always choose perfume because I like the scent and not because it is popular or just released.
The choice of a scent is very personal and that's why I think you should rather follow your nose and feelings you have about the smell more than actual fashion magazines' recommendations.

And what king of perfume do you use?
How do you make your choice?

End of part one


  1. Recently I've been searching for a light everyday signature scent. I tried Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone for a while, but then I noticed it was getting too strong for me. I think I'm not much of a perfume woman. I think I'll stick with my naturally scented body butters.

    1. Body butters can also smell strongly and that's why I still prefer to use perfume - it fades away with time. But - as I said - it's very personal.

  2. for me always J’ADORE EAU DE PARFUM


    I love the scent of these fragrances! And they stay perfect on my skin, not typical for ather fragrances, popular or recomended in magazines.


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