Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Perfume (part 3)

Today I will continue my story about scents that bring me certain memories
(You'll find previous posts about perfume here and here)

Ralf Lauren's "Style" was something I found on the airport in Copenhagen.
It was not so popular in perfumeries in Poland (or I just didn't see it or couldn't find).
I remember I bought it a couple of times and used it with great pleasure.
It will always remind me of my first trip to Copenhagen.
It's so nice and gentle, for me it's very elegant.

"Armani Code Summer" was my choice for summer in 2009 (I remember it well).
It is so light and fresh!
It brings me back to my first trip to Malta.

"Miss Dior Cherie" was a magical scent for me when I was using it.
Now it doesn't attract me that much.
I have some other Dior perfume on my favorite list at the moment.
Maybe soon I will be able to write about it.

First edition of Lacoste Pour Femme is one of those I can use for a long time and get back to it.
This perfume takes the second prize just after L'eau d'Issey - my second signature scent.
It's like me ;)

End of part three.


  1. MMMM I definitely need to get myself some new perfume!

    I enjoyed this post, I'd love if you popped over to see mine sometime.

    Georgi xx


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Of course I will visit your blog!

  2. I love Miss Dior <3

    The Cutielicious

  3. Miss Dior is one of my favorites. Love!


    1. Maybe some day I will get back to it. Now I have something else in my mind. Possibly soon I will be able to write about it. Still considering two options ;)


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